About Holo-Way

Holo Way helps companies to develop models of socio-economic efficiency, to bring together financial interests, social responsibility and work as a source of fulfilment and wealth.

Our vision

Intangibles, the new way to read the world

We live in a dematerialized world in which uncertainty and unexpected events are ever-present.

The societal and environmental changes we are facing lead us to consider, voluntarily or not, other performance criteria than those indexed on financial profit.

To face these new rules of the game and ensure its sustainability, the company needs to identify its potential for value creation.


Knowing the assets that make up your intangible capital allows you to manage the present and prepare for the future.

Our solution

A holistic approach

We help companies accelerate their transformation through a process of identifying intangible assets that we turn into strategic levers.

Intangible assets are generally understood in an intuitive and fragmented way within organizations. But these assets are linked to each other. If you act on one of them but not on the others, the result will only be disappointing and temporary.

By considering all of your intangible assets and activating them simultaneously in a coherent and strategic manner, your company creates a virtuous dynamic of value creation.

Taking all the components of the organization is the only way to make sense in today’s reality.

Our holistic approach aims to embed
the benefits of the transformation in the long term

The origin of Holo Way

A passion for the intangibles

Ariane Favier   

Founder, Consultant, France and Swizterland

• Consultant in strategy and quality management system (QMS)

• Specialist in change management, skill transfer and HR processes (SMEs and large companies)

• Speaker at The Institute of Higher National Defence Studies (IHEDN)

•  Board member of the Observatory for the Intangibles

Our Ecosystem

Co-creators of a society of the intangible

Our Engagements


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