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Anticipate crisis and bounce back

The evaluation of your intangible assets allows you to
to transform risks into opportunities

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The crisis acts as a revelation and challenges:

  • Organizational agility and resilience
  • Stakeholder trust in the organization
  • Team commitment to the employer brand
  • Knowledge robustness and innovation capacity

A certain number of intangible assets can potentially be destroyed if these resources were not sufficiently mature, valued and managed beforehand (commitment to digital, social cohesion, corporate culture, brand reputation, etc).

Develop a systemic approach to the functioning and DNA of your company

What to expect from a diagnosis of your intangibles?

•  Recreate the basis for a productive dialogue with your stakeholders, including your financial partners

•  Involve your employees in the co-construction of the crisis management/exit strategy

•  Limit the destruction of one or more intangible assets (brand image, knowledge protection…)

•  Identify your core expertise to transform your business model and anticipate the response of competitors and markets

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