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Overcoming the challenges and seizing the opportunities arising from intangible assets

Doing business in tomorrow's economy

Today, more than 80% of a company’s value and almost all of its profit growth comes from intangible assets.

These resources, if poorly managed, represent important risks that can have a direct impact on the company’s performance:

  • Loss or theft of key intangible assets and confidential information
  • Inability to prove ownership of critical assets (IP)
  • Degraded social cohesion, lack of commitment
  • Loss of investor confidence
  • High hidden labor costs
  • Bad reputation

Your intangible assets are valuable. Reveal them.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria generally constitute the three pillars of extra-financial analysis. Taking into account intangible assets goes even further.

In the new economy under construction, marked by digital technology and the growth of dematerialized service activities, the company must become a place of individual and collective achievement, where skills, innovation, creativity and collaboration are shared both internally and externally.

Therefore, the strategy shall be embodied by all the stakeholders of the organization.

Unlike tangible assets, intangible assets only depreciate if they are not used.

Intangible assets are everywhere and yet they are not used or accounted enough because unfortunately, modern accounting standards completely hide the impact of intangible assets.

And what cannot be measured, cannot be managed!

Yet they are the main levers of corporate performance, generating value, being experienced on a daily basis, being distinctive and resilient.

To contain the risks associated with intangible resources it is imperative to:

Today's challenges, tomorrow's opportunities


Your collaborators


Your ressources and footprint


Your stakeholders

Initiating a process of evaluating its intangible capital will enable you to:

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